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Leila Finds Her Way 04/02/2023

Being Jane Filer 11/28/2022

Caught in a Monster Jam 09/12/2022

Bastille Day the French Way 07/12/2022

El Rincón Taos New Mexico 04/29/2022

Hosting and Guesting 101 01/23/2022

Both Sides of the Bountiful Table 11/12/2021

Paris al Fresco 10/19/2021

Carolina On My Mind 07/14/2021

Frozen Euphoria 06/09/2021

The Coleman House 04/30/2021

The Poetry of Space 03/07/2021

Brave Enough 01/21/2021

High Winds 11/18/2020

Guest Ready Sweetness 10/13/2020

Rain Happened 09/01/2020

Of Twins and ‘Tinis 05/10/2020

Hack #6: Quarantine Comfort Food 04/17/2020

We All Need the Eggs 04/06/2020

Ode to My Paris Kitchen 04/13/2020

My Brief Stint With the CIA 01/08/2020

Hack #5: Finally, The Best Salad Dressing Ever 11/07/2019

A Guest Room Under the Porch 08/31/2019

Will Our Children Know and Care About June 6, 1944? 06/02/2019

Wait Twenty Minutes Then Add Salt 05/19/2019

People Who Pull the Magic Out of You 03/17/2019

My Favorite Kind of Teenager 01/28/2019

Million Mile Stories 12/17/2018

Becoming a Casual Animal 11/23/2018

Home Is Where You Are, Even Overseas 09/20/2018

Leaving Paris and Hemingway 08/13/2018

Cow Seduction 05/07/2018

Hack #4: Care About Cast Iron 04/15/2018

The Grown-Up Table 03/27/2018

Garlic and Girlfriends 02/17/2018

Scottish Highland Liquid Sunshine 01/22/2018

Hack #3: The Hard Boiled Egg 01/18/2018

Love and Layers of Lasagne 12/11/2017

French-splaining American Thanksgiving 11/07/2017

Bugling Elk and Sacred Spaces 11/09/2017

Max and the Beanstalks 09/19/2017

Hack #2: Relishing the Radish 05/14/2017

Cocoa Cake With My Curry, Please 05/02/2017

Hack #1: Making Perfect Rice 03/23/2017

Sex in a Pan 02/12/2017

Begin With Russian Dumplings 01/14/2017

“Not a Station, but a Place”–Paris to Avignon 12/12/2016

Winning–At What Cost? 11/13/2016

“Not a Station, but a Place”–Gare de Lyon and Le Train Bleu, Paris 10/16/2016

Shrooming in Latvia 09/11/2016

Berry Best Summer Sangria 08/23/2016

Babies and Rice So Very Nice 06/26/2016

Spoons and Cookies 05/21/2016

Foxglove and Oreos on the Camino 04/13/2016

Bags of Laughter 03/17/2016

Living Both Sides of the French Coin 03/08/2016

Rocky’s Meadow Mountain Cafe 01/14/2016

Looking Back To the Present 12/03/2015

Simply Sally 11/05/2015

Champagne: “Tasting the Stars” 10/07/2015

La Bonne Rentrée in Paris 09/18/2015

Letting Go In Latvia 08/17/2015

Secret Eating 06/29/2015

The Baba au Rhum Affair 05/12/2015

Transcendent Picnics 04/14/2015

Mussel Memory 03/17/2015

Comfort Food for Cal 02/24/2015

A Mountain Gem for 70 Years 02/05/2015

More Than Just an Egg Sandwich 01/12/2015

Kindle Some Candlelight 12/18/2014

Taiwan Green-Marble Pesto 11/29/2014

Hellenic Halloumi 11/16/2014

My Market Street 10/27/2014

An Egg in the Coffeepot 10/04/2014

Sipping Avocado Margs in Summer 09/03/2014

You Say Jam, Nico Says Confiture 08/22/2014

Two Non-Cooks Saved by the Brazilians 07/28/2014

The Memorable Not-So-Great Birthday 07/18/2014

Fabio Meets Brownies Cocaine 07/04/2014

The Unexpected in Normandy 06/19/2014

Libby’s Lessons in Lauzerte 06/10/2014

The Lowly Leek from Boring to Sublime 06/10/2014