Story Titles

Published titles begin with the most recent and follow in sequential order. Link to stories you have missed or would like to revisit.

Hack #5: Finally, The Best Salad Dressing Ever

A Guest Room Under the Porch

Will Our Children Know and Care About June 6, 1944?

Wait Twenty Minutes Then Add Salt

People Who Pull the Magic Out of You

My Favorite Kind of Teenager

Million Mile Stories

Becoming a Casual Animal

Home Is Where You Are, Even Overseas

Leaving Paris and Hemingway

Cow Seduction

Hack #4: Care About Cast Iron

The Grown-Up Table

Garlic and Girlfriends

Scottish Highland Liquid Sunshine

Hack #3: The Hard Boiled Egg

Love and Layers of Lasagne

French-splaining American Thanksgiving

Bugling Elk and Sacred Spaces

Max and the Beanstalks

Sunshine on the Back of Your Knees

Treize–A Baker’s Dozen, Paris

Hack #2: Relishing the Radish

Cocoa Cake With My Curry, Please

Hack #1: Making Perfect Rice

Sex in a Pan

Begin With Russian Dumplings

“Not a Station, but a Place”–Paris to Avignon

Winning–At What Cost?

“Not a Station, but a Place”–Gare de Lyon and Le Train Bleu, Paris

Shrooming in Latvia

Berry Best Summer Sangria

Babies and Rice So Very Nice

Spoons and Cookies

Foxglove and Oreos on the Camino

Bags of Laughter

Living Both Sides of the French Coin

Rocky’s Meadow Mountain Cafe

Looking Back To the Present

Simply Sally

Tasting the Stars

La Bonne Rentrée in Paris

Letting Go In Latvia

Secret Eating

The Baba au Rhum Affair

Transcendent Picnics

Mussel Memory, Revisited

Comfort Food for Cal

A Mountain Gem for 70 Years

More Than Just an Egg Sandwich

Kindle Some Candlelight

Taiwan Green-Marble Pesto

Hellenic Halloumi

My Market Street

An Egg in the Coffeepot

Sipping Avocado Margs in Summer

You Say Jam, Nico Says Confiture

Two Non Cooks Saved by the Brazilians

The Memorable Not-So-Great Birthday

Fabio Meets Brownies Cocaine

The Unexpected in Normandy

Libby’s Lessons in Lauzerte

The Lowly Leek: from Boring to Sublime