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Of Twins and ‘Tinis twins in doubles, but martinis best at one

Hack #6: Quarantine Comfort Food surviving stay-in-place quarantine with grilled cheese like you’ve never had it before

We All Need the Eggs how to build an Easter Egg Tree and create community anywhere in the world

Ode to My Paris Kitchen a favorite kitchen and a haven for uncertain times

My Brief Stint With the CIA fact/fantasy & a life lesson

Finally, The Best Salad Dressing Ever tweak of famous NYC resto recipe

Guest Room Under the Porch summer in Colorado with a uninvited young buck in residence

Will Our Children Know & Care About D-Day? guest author reflects on meaning behind June 6, 1944

Wait Twenty Minutes Then Add Salt secrets of homemade pizza dough from an Italian mama and a Sunday night ritual

People Who Pull the Magic Out of You the kind of friends to stick with

My Favorite Kind of Teenager two great-nieces & a memorable day in NYC

Million Mile Stories there is at least one dangerous landing when you fly a million miles and don’t lose your child on the plane

Becoming a Casual Animal KC craft brewery with creative beginnings

Home is Where You Are, Even Overseas Singapore in the late 1980’s & jungle treasure hunting

Leaving Paris and Hemingway remembering Hem’s haunts before repatriating

Cow Seduction French buttah!

Care About Cast Iron why you should care & how to

The Grown-up Table art of the dinner party demystified

Garlic and Girlfriends are really great together

Scottish Highland Liquid Sunshine peppered with quotes for whisky lovers

The Hard Boiled Egg make a perfect one

Love and Layers of Lasagne cross cultural love creates a new recipe

French-splaining American Thanksgiving vintage French explanation of Thanksgiving, plus a reboot on a tasty holiday dressing

Bugling Elk and Sacred Spaces Colorado mountain home where family, friends and elk run through it

Max and the Beanstalks Dilly beans in a jar & a master home gardener

Sunshine on the Back of Your Knees maybe a cure for jet lag?

Treize-A Baker’s Dozen, Paris delicious food, ambience, & a place to hang out where they know your name

Relishing the Radish salt, butter, & radishes the French way

Cocoa Cake With My Curry, Please American renaissance woman speaks Hindi, cooks curry, saves geckos, & bakes delish chocolate cake

Making Perfect Rice using your index finger!

Sex in a Pan not literally

Begin With Russian Dumplings Russian New Year traditions in Latvia with the dual culture family

The Train from Paris to Avignon a train ride, the pope’s palace & baked camembert

Winning–At What Cost? op-ed 2016 prez election

Gare de Lyon and Le Train Bleu m.f.k. fisher lore & iconic decor in Paris train station resto

Shrooming in Latvia annual forest fête & tailgate lunch in the palm of your hand

Summer Sangria booze & berries in a glass

Babies and Rice So Very Nice grandmother hormones & feeding new parents

Spoons and Cookies wooden spoon beauty & the best choc chip oatie recipe in the world

Foxglove & Oreos on the Camino hiking to “the end of the world” in Spain

Bags of Laughter are recyclable shopping bags funny? in this case, very

Living Both Sides of the French Coin French bureaucracy tries to ruin the day but loses

Rocky’s Meadow Mountain Cafe tribute to Rocky St. John & her legacy cafe in Allenspark, Colorado

Looking Back to the Present 2015 Paris Terrorist attack aftermath in Strasbourg’s Xmas market

Simply Sally a great cook & friend in Paris teaches the art of galette

Champagne: “Tasting the Stars” Dom Perignon history, Champagne, & France–what’s not to love?

Porte de Vanvres Flea Market, Paris a ritual return after summer holidays

Letting Go in Latvia pagan wedding tradition intersects modern day international marriage

Secret Eating an eating desire all by yourself is about more than the food

The Baba au Rhum Affair love of a dessert becomes obsession & break up

Transcendent Picnics perfect picnic & food epiphany on a hillside in Taiwan

Mussel Memory mussels in brussels & hot street waffles from a truck

Comfort Food for Cal my oldest cousin eats jello and I do not–to each our own comfort food

A Mountain Gem for 70 Years Meadow Mountain Cafe, Allenspark, CO

Egg Sandwiches mountain breakfast tradition meets the philosophical

Kindle Some Candlelight candle etiquette how-to

Taiwan Green Marble Pesto some food is better after spilling on the floor

Hellenic Halloumi Cypriot halloumi cheese & forever memories

My Market Street everyone in Paris has a “poste de observation”, their café to watch and be watched

An Egg in the Coffeepot Swedish egg coffee in an enamel pot and the sweet history of a man who made and drank it everyday

Sipping Avocado Margs summertime ritual in Colorado, only at Ed’s Cantina

You Say Jam, Nico Says Confiture young French boy exemplifies gourmand pleasures with jam & bread

Two Non Cooks Saved by the Brazilians Brazil humiliated by World Cup defeat, but wins first with fool-proof recipe

The Memorable Not-So-Great Birthday never fast on a birthday, just eat cake

Fabio Meets Brownies Cocaine “5 Minutes of Peace” repaid with brownies extraordinaire, no cocaine involved

The Unexpected in Normandy 70th Anniversary D-Day in France has extraordinary payback

Libby’s Lessons in Lauzerte boot camp in luxurious French mansion

Leeks: Boring to Sublime French women diet on mushy leeks but there is a better way to eat them