Hack #3: The Hard Boiled Egg


Somewhere in the world there might still be someone who doesn’t know how to boil water. There are a lot more of us fumbling around trying to hard-boil an egg to perfection.

A well-made hard-boiled egg is more than a tasty bite of protein on your toast or in a salad or sandwich. It can be a thing of beauty if cooked correctly.

There are definitely some bad eggs out there. You have seen them. Eggs which, when cut in half, have a grayish-green line around the dry-as-dust yolk. Or whites so rubbery they might bounce.

avoid gray around yolk

When ready for a good boiled egg, here is one foolproof recipe, made to perfection and ready to be consumed for nutrition and pleasure.

Because, as Woody Allen says at the end of the movie, “Annie Hall”, “We all need the eggs.”

unboiled beauties


  • Place eggs shell to shell in an uncovered saucepan as space allows.IMG_8349
  • Cover with cold water one to two inches above top of eggs.IMG_8350
  • Adding a splash of vinegar is optional to help prevent shells from cracking during cooking.
  • Turn heat on high and wait for water to boil.IMG_8402
  • When water reaches full boil, immediately turn off heat and place a lid over pan.
  • Set timer for exactly 18 minutes. At higher altitudes you should add time. 22 min. at 8300 ft.IMG_8408
  • As soon as timer goes off, drain hot water and flush eggs copiously with cold tap water while still in pan.
  • Transfer eggs to bowl and set in refrigerator to finish cooling.
  • Once cooled, ready to peel and eat.

Peeling is the often imperfect part of boiled eggs. Some people swear by peeling under running water. Others say it depends on the freshness of eggs whether they peel easily or not. I use the meditative approach and simply take my time, aiming for the smoothest release of shell and membrane from each part of the egg. Sometimes it works.

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